Change, new way of thinking

Changes need to happen for our world to become a better place. I have come across a movement that believes in the same way of thinking I have done for a while. This is the Ubuntu Liberation Movement. Since I was young, there was need to be free thinker and to create a way of living that will make a visual and sustainable difference in our lives and this movement has something to get started from.

A new way of thinking, something needs to change.

We have heard on the news and social media, that our system is broken and we can not repeat the same way of thinking, over and over again, we have to think of a new way to do things.

Have a look at this video and see how we can make a difference in our community to change the way the world is working. Something needs to change.

Also what is good t...

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New blog for handy information

new Blog

Welcome to the new look for Handinfo and adding an active blog. We are upgrading our old website and will have much more info more frequently.

Products and Services

All the products and services we use and hear of that we deem to be good, we will share it on our blog. Because sharing is caring!

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